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We offer growth consultancy, artificial intelligence and next generation digital marketing technologies all under one roof.

In 2022, SEM was acquired by DxBV, the Netherlands-based company of Sabancı Holding, to strengthen its position in the industry and set sail for greater triumphs, operating henceforth under the name Opportune.

Don't just wait for opportunities to come by, let's create the biggest ones together.

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What do we deliver?

Growth throught

Cutting-Edge Analytics

We provide Al services to shape the future for our clients. We decipher the stories behind the data, understanding that each number, graph, and analysis represents not just cold data but opportunities waiting to be seized.

AI Solutions Growth Strategy Analytics Consultancy



Opportune elevates brands to the pinnacle of digital marketing with its extensive range of services offered in the digital realm.

Asset Management Digital Intellince Digital Media Management Search Engine Optimization


Everything that technology offers is at the core of Opportune. Opportune deeply understands that technology is not merely a tool but also a vision. By leveraging advertising technologies and marketing technologies, we optimize customer journey and boost brand loyalty.

Adtech Solutions Martech Solutions

Our HR Approach

As Opportune, our human resources are founded on the combination of people and technology.

We believe that each of our employees possesses exceptional skills within their respective fields, and this is an integral part of our company culture.

Our approach to Human Resources aims to create a team with high self-motivation, innovative thinking, the ability to take action and propose ideas, a strong sense of responsibility, and a willingness to share success.

With the intention of enhancing employee motivation and ensuring their integration, we have designed various human resources practices, such as recruitment, orientation, and training and development.

We have prioritized to enhance our employees’ welfare and to improve their work experience by offering additional benefits like monthly lunch support, private health + personal accident insurance, transportation allowance, and internet assistance.

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